“You’re good to go” – Taffix highlights its travel security solution to fight viruses


Taffix made a strong impression at the recent Virtual Travel Retail Expo

Taffix nasal spray highlights its ability to fight any airborne viruses as it continues efforts to grow its footprint in retail.

Following its successful participation in the recent Virtual Travel Retail Expo, Taffix said it offered the “perfect solution to encourage people to travel in large numbers with confidence again”.

During the Expo, Taffix greeted guests with a short video (above) on the use of the spray, showcasing his vision of “living in a world where you don’t think twice about social interactions”.

Taffix has shown how personal nasal spray powder blocks many viruses in the nasal cavity. It works in 50 seconds and provides protection against respiratory viruses for five hours using microsphere technology.

As stated, the brand is produced by Nasus Pharma and provides effective protection against inhaled viruses.

According to the Taffix website, “even though Taffix was created to protect us from the current pandemic, it is also against the common flu and any other airborne virus ”.

“It prevents that random, annoying flu you catch at work, on a plane, or from a random stranger in an elevator. With Taffix, you’re literally good to go; anywhere, anytime.

Taffix was introduced to retail by GMAX Travel Retail earlier this year. GMAX Travel Retail founder Garry Maxwell believes the product is ideal for travelers.

According to Maxwell, Taffix works in 50 seconds and can provide protection for up to five hours. He pointed out that while face masks help prevent infections, they don’t offer 100% protection. “Taffix can provide an additional layer of protection at a cost of around US $ 0.10 per day,” he said.

The nasal spray is available in a single spray bottle (RRP € 16, US $ 22) or in a Taffix Family pack.


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