Woman realizes she’s been scammed by a fake travel agent when she tries to check into a ‘paid’ hotel room


Mbalenhle Nyembe was scammed by a fake travel agent. Image provided by Mbalenhle

  • Mbalenhle Nyembe tried to check into a hotel in Cape Town, but there was no record of payment being made on her behalf despite having already paid for her stay.
  • A “travel agent” on Twitter had promised her a discounted hotel stay and she took it. IInstead of paying R11,000, he sent her a bill for R7,400 and she paid.
  • The same person scammed another woman at the hotel, and unfortunately she paid for her stay and activities.

Mbalenhle Nyembe made a reservation for a hotel stay through a known “travel agent” on Twitter. She didn’t know she had fallen into the trap of a bogus offer.

She tells W24 that the travel agent’s online presence was hard to miss. “He couldn’t help but talk about tourism and his passion for it. That’s all we were talking about, really, and we were all supporting him,” she says.

Before he got scammed, Mbalenhle also met him in person, and he seemed like a sincere and honest youngster trying to make a living, she tells us.

It meant she trusted him and when she wanted to book her vacation, she felt comfortable doing it through him. Mbalenhle says they settled on R7,400 for nights booked at a hotel in Cape Town instead of the R11,000 the hotel actually charges.

“He insisted that I pay a minimum of 50% to secure the reservation. I could pay the full amount, but for some reason I opted to pay only 50% and had planned to pay the balance when recording,” she explains.

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However, when her vacation dates arrived and she went to check into the hotel in Cape Town, she was told that a reservation had been made, but she had not been paid. She then met another person who had fallen for the same scam.

“I met a young woman at the reception who had booked everything with him (the scammer), including activities paid for in full. I felt so sorry for her,” she adds.

In a Twitter thread, Mbalenhle shared her story, and it turns out she wasn’t the only one scammed.

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Mbalenhle had since opened a case against the scammer and said: “I would like to get my refund, and I would like him to reimburse all the people he scammed. Whether I get a refund or not, I am not giving up. not the charges.I want the law to run its course and he be prosecuted.I want justice for all the people he scammed out of their hard earned money.

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