Wheel The World launches affiliate program for travel agents


Wheel the World, the online travel booking platform for seniors and people with disabilities, has launched a new travel agent affiliate program, allowing them to earn commissions through Wheel the World while providing some of the best resources for selling trips to people with disabilities.

After more than fifty travel agents contacted the platform for advice and partnerships, the startup began building its affiliate program, which offers various partnership models and gives agents exclusive access to nearly 800 listings. accessible travel to 117 destinations in 27 countries.


Travel agents can register on the Wheel the World website and can then earn commissions for each booking made on the website for their customers. They also have access to the Wheel the World Academy, which offers free advice and training on selling travel to people with disabilities.

Additionally, Wheel the World will be offering a free accessibility webinar for US agents and members of the travel industry on April 12, 2022.

“Our hope for the new affiliate program is to encourage travel agents to consider the full experience from start to finish for travelers with disabilities,” said Wheel the World co-founder and CEO Alvaro Silberstein. .

“For example, tour operators may think that a ramp at an attraction is sufficient for a wheelchair user, but what if the toilets at the same attraction are not accessible? How could a visual experience be communicated and appreciated by a blind person? We ask these questions to carefully design fully accessible and impactful travel experiences for our affiliate partners’ customers.

Wheel the World’s accessibility information is unlike any other Internet resource out there. using crowdsourcing to determine over 200 data points, each listing on the platform is highly detailed for a range of accessibility needs such as wheelchair accessibility to transport logistics, braille signage, adaptive equipment requirements, bed height and more.


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