Tripadvisor launches Reco travel agent service


Tripadvisor brings to market its concierge service, travel planning and booking Reco.

The move comes nearly six months after Tripadvisor disclosed Reco’s beta test in the United States

Reco is a platform to connect consumers with “travel designers” who will plan and book their trip on their behalf for a fee of $ 199 per trip.

Travelers select dates for a trip, length of stay, type (getaway, festival, meeting, cruise, etc.), budget range, interests, and “vibe” (romantic, witty, chill, etc.), then Reco offers a range of corresponds to agents with expertise in these areas.

Users can then select an agent, learn about their experience, contact and start building an itinerary and booking a trip.

Tripadvisor said that during the beta test, it sent traffic to Reco and tested conversion rates on the product through its own traffic from the mothership, social media, and customer relationship management tools.

One official says he is unable to come up with specific numbers but “we are comfortable with our learning to bring this to market now”.

“As we see interest in travel planning increase in a world that anticipates that the vaccine will soon be widely available and it will become safe to travel again, a service like Reco will be needed for more secure travel planning. measure “, adds the manager.

Some 300 agents have been integrated into the platform, with their areas of specialization covering more than 100 destinations.

The service is still only available to US customers, but the coming months will see it expanded to other countries, along with the launch of an Android app to work with existing desktop and iOS versions of the service.

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