Travel agent under investigation for allegations he sells fake Covid-19 certificates


Travel agent is under investigation for allegations he sold fake Covid-19 travel certificates to customers.

Bolton’s board said “a substantial number of fraudulent documents” were found when its trade standards officers raided the company.

It is alleged that the unnamed Bolton-based travel agent was selling certificates of negative PCR test results claiming to be from a legitimate testing clinic.

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Items seized from the travel agent’s premises will now be analyzed as the board investigates the extent of the alleged activity.

Some countries require visitors from England to provide proof of a negative Covid-19 PCR test before being allowed entry.

The results of PCR tests are processed in a laboratory and are considered the “gold standard” in COVID testing.

Bolton council says its trade standards officers found “significant number of fraudulent documents” when they raided the company

Travel tests are not available on the NHS and must be purchased from a private provider.

Deputy Head of Bolton Council Councilor Hilary Fairclough said: “Not only did this raid reveal a serious case of fraud, but the swift actions of our Trading Standards team potentially prevented hundreds of additional trips facilitated by fake. documents.

“It’s hard to overstate the damage that has been done here: A legitimate business has faced a reputational risk and travelers may have unintentionally spread a deadly virus.

“At a time when the community has mobilized to fight COVID-19 and keep everyone safe, it is shocking that a small minority have exploited the system for personal gain.

“Once again, a successful trade came about following a warning, pointing out that our Trading Standards team works best with the support of residents and legitimate businesses. “

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