Travel agent spent stolen money on luxury hotel stays, gambling and errands


Tony Taylor’s TT Tours unit at Bilston Market seized by trade standards after failing to show up to give money back to angry customers

Anthony Taylor, 57, of TT Tours, spent the money on stays including London’s Savoy and Radisson hotels, shopping trips to Ikea and jeweler H. Samuel, gambling, restaurants and payments to a girlfriend.

The defendant, from Willenhall, was sentenced to four years in prison and banned from being a company director for 10 years. Previously, he had pleaded guilty to an offense of fraudulent trade, unfair offer of unsecured package holidays and unfair trading in holidays and outings to the tune of £ 65,985. Wolverhampton Crown Court has learned that Taylor is suffering from poor mental health.

Angry customers were at Bilston Town Hall for advice from trade standards officers after their trip to Torquay never happened

Mr. Ben Mills, Continuing, said: “On July 7, 2019, Anthony Taylor incorporated TT Holiday Ltd. He had operated as a sole proprietor for a short period previously. Taylor offered a number of vacations to late 2019, but throughout the second half of 2019, he sold a variety of day trips and vacations for 2020 to a large number of customers that he then did not provide.

The court heard that Taylor, who had gambling problems, had convictions dating back to the 1980s, including five for obtaining property by deception in 1995; 16 for theft, fraud, misrepresentation in 2007 regarding £ 12,000 stolen from his employer which he spent on gambling resulting in him being jailed for 12 months. He was also convicted of shoplifting in 2018.

The announcement of the trip to Torquay. Image: Facebook

Mr Charles Crinion, mitigating, said: “He fully understands the gravity of the situation.” Three hundred customers had booked to go to Torquay but the coaches never arrived. Other failed bookings included trips to the Isle of Wight, the Cotswolds, Bath, Grand National Fleetwood, Welshpool and Bridgnorth.

Taylor went to the ground and left his ‘unwitting’ assistant, who the court said was not involved in the deception and has not been charged with any offense, to tell angry customers they would not leave. not.

Speaking after the conviction, Angela Harrold, 71, of Moxley, who was in court to see Taylor convicted, told the Express & Star that she paid the defendant £ 200 for the trip to Torquay for of them.

Victim Angela Harrold, 71, appeared in court

Ms Harrold said: “For me that was not the problem.

“But when we went to the meeting at Bilston Town Hall, there was an 84-year-old lady who had donated nearly £ 4,000 from a retirement club she was running. She was so upset that She was shaking. She collapsed outside afterwards. The next day she was found dead in her bed.

“Four years is not enough. A lot of people have lost money. I don’t understand why he was allowed to set up shop in Bilston market. He should have been controlled by someone.


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