Travel agent offers advice for your next trip amid cancellations and disruptions

With more than 7,000 flights canceled worldwide, several airlines suffered major disruptions over Memorial Day weekend.
A flight from ILM (photo: Peyton Furtado)

WILMINGTON, North Carolina (WWAY) – With more than 7,000 flights canceled worldwide, several airlines suffered major disruptions over Memorial Day weekend. Amid the disruption, a travel agent offers advice before your next trip.

“Right now, travel…it’s actually boomed pretty good,” Chad Dodson said. “I think that’s part of the problem people have with cancellations and delays. I think it was a bit unexpected.

Chad Dodson is a travel agent and owner of Time To Go Travel in Calabash. After COVID restrictions were lifted, he says many people were eager to travel. This, coupled with staffing issues and extreme weather conditions, has led to numerous air travel disruptions. Dodson says it’s important to have a backup plan for 24 hours before and after your trip.

“There are no guarantees when it comes to airlines, period. It’s kind of irritating because you have set schedules to be there at a certain time, catch another plane at a certain time, babysit whatever happens,” Dodson said.

If something causes your flight to be canceled or delayed, Dodson says don’t rely on the airline to cover your hotel or food costs. Although some provide vouchers for the inconvenience, this is not a guarantee.

In Wilmington, ILM had no delays or cancellations listed on its website as of Tuesday. Kristina Carlson was at the airport to pick up her son and says he had a slight delay in his trip, but only by a few minutes. She is an avid traveler herself and says she is no stranger to travel issues and is planning a business trip to Toronto this weekend.

She booked her trip some time ago and received an email on Sunday telling her her trip was cancelled. She called Delta and they told her the trip was actually not canceled and put her back on the original flight. However, this morning things changed.

“I received another email saying that part of my trip has been cancelled. So rather than going to Wilmington, Atlanta, Atlanta, Toronto. I will be going to Wilmington, Atlanta, Atlanta, New York , New York, Toronto. And walk in with a few minutes to spare for my meeting,” Carlson said.

Carlson says she usually has no problems with Delta and she hopes all goes well for her next trip.

“Travel is always stressful,” she said. “I’ve been doing it for so long, I always assume something is going to go wrong and when it’s not right, it’s better!”

So when packing the essentials for your next trip, remember a little patience and kindness.

“Don’t be afraid to travel. Always be nice to whoever you deal with because you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar,” Dodson said.

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