Travel agent issues warning to Brits who have red passports


A travel agent has issued a warning to people wishing to go abroad this year, saying that some passports might no longer be valid without people realizing.

Hays Travel, the UK’s largest independent companyFrtooth travel agent, said people with older red passports should check both the issue date and the expiration date on their document.

This is because some passports may appearar at have ‘extra months’, but if they were issued before the UK left the EU, these additional months are “no longer valid”.

Hays Travel Plympton, the Plymouth Travel Agency Branch, smade a statement on Facebook to warn travelers of the question.

It said: “Important Passport Update Changes: Due to validity changes since you left Europe, your passport is now only valid for 10 years from the issue date on your passport.”

“If your passport was issued before the UK left the EU with extra months, those extra months are no longer valid.”

Giving an example to illustrate the point, the post continues: “Passport issue date June 21, 2012, passport expiration date December 21, 2022.

“Your passport expiration date is now June 21, 2022.

He adds : “Most EU countries require your passport to be valid for six months on the date you return from your vacation, some countries it is three months, which means the last date you could return on the example above would be December 21, 2021. “

He also directed people to the government website, where there is a passport checker.

Credit: Pexels

The government advises that travelers should always check the entry requirements of the country they are visiting to find out whether or not they need to renew their passport, as the rules may vary from place to place.

If you use your passport as an identity document to visit Ireland, you do not need to renew it as long as it is valid for your entire stay, “he advises on his website, where people can also check their passport to travel to Europe.

To use the passport checker, you will just need to know when your passport was issued and when your passport expires, as well as some basic information about yourself and your planned trip.

Of course, on top of all that, there are also the various coronavirus restrictions that you will need to keep in mind, as some countries remain on the UK’s red list – which means that you are strongly advised not to visit these areas.

Likewise, other countries may have closed entry at arrivals to certain locations.


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