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I work in the travel industry and regularly book flights and reservations for clients. Many of them, I’m sure, are Jewish but not religious. If a Jew wants to book a flight on Shabbat, am I allowed to do it for him? Obviously, my job would not allow me to refuse to book a flight for a client. Is it my business if one of my clients is not religious?

Rabbi Aish’s Answers

Thanks for the important question. The basic rules are as follows. You don’t have to assume a customer is Jewish if you don’t know anyway (since most of your customers probably aren’t). If you know a person is Jewish, you should definitely suggest options that don’t involve a Shabbat trip. If, however, he’s not interested, you don’t have to lose your job for it. (It is not a question of making another Jew sin, because even if he has the ticket, he is not strength fly on that date. Also, it’s not very clear what transgression theft entails – most likely no Torah prohibition. Finally, the same customer could easily buy the ticket somewhere else, so it’s not the classic case of helping someone sin who couldn’t otherwise.) Even so, if possible, best to doing business with a non-Jewish colleague. such requests.

We have a nice article about a religious travel agent who did convincing his client to avoid traveling on Shabbat – and as a result, he missed the doomed Malaysia Air 370 flight which tragically disappeared with no survivors. You might even want to share with hesitant customers when appropriate.

Much success in your career!


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