Travel agency issues fake visas, Ludhiana CP flags investigation : The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Ludhiana, August 2

More than 24 people met today with the Commissioner of Police (CP) and lodged a complaint against a travel agent who issued them false visas.

The CP scored a probe to the CPA (Crime) and assured justice to the plaintiffs.

The accused officer worked from an office in a building in Fountain Chowk. After discovering that the travel agent had issued false visas, several people, who had given hundreds of thousands of rupees to the accused, went to the office of the travel agency, but the agent stopped. had already fled.

One of the complainants, Gaurav, said the owner of a travel and immigration business assured that the Malta work visa would be obtained within a month. They took Rs 75,000 in advance for processing and Rs 8 lakh was to be paid after the visa arrived.

“On August 1, I got a visa with my passport. Yesterday when I arrived at Delhi airport, the travel agent sent me a WhatsApp message and told me that the visa issued to me was fake and avoided entering the airport. I was shocked. Even my family members, who were at the airport to see me off, were in disbelief,” Gaurav alleged.

Another plaintiff said that he also paid Rs 8 lakh to the travel agent and in turn was also given a fake visa.

The complainants said some of the people had arrived in Malta, but were stopped by immigration officers at the airport.


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