Top Disney Travel Agent Says Disney Holds Fans In “Disdain”


“Disney doesn’t just care about its fans… they despise us” says Pete Werner of Unlimited Dreams Travel and the DIS unplugged Podcast.

Werner, co-owner of one of the nation’s largest Disney-centric travel companies, has never shied away from sharing his strong opinions on everything Disney-related over the past decades. But it seems even he has had enough of their Mickey Mouse routine lately.

Werner claims he knows Disney didn’t think much of his fans behind the scenes, but was better able to hide it in the past. Now, he said, they are not even claim take care of.

On a recent live-stream episode of DIS Unplugged dated November 16, Werner and his team discussed not only the recent “disgraceful” comments from Disney CFO Christine McCarthy, but also a change in focus. Disney’s attitude towards its fans.

McCarthy said Disney would reduce the size of its food portions or raise prices, and joked that it would be good for some guests’ waistlines.

While Werner was not thrilled by the CFO’s offhand comments, he cites price gouging and declining quality of service as the real issue to be addressed here.

“They’re talking about reducing portion sizes to hedge against inflation. Which means they’ll charge more and give less. What is now the official motto of Walt Disney World.

Werner, who freely admits that his livelihood depends on selling Disney vacations, said he was seriously considering not renewing his annual pass, which would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

“But I get to the point where I’m about to say, ‘Don’t go to Disney. Go to Universal. ‘ Want to come to Orlando? There is so much going on here. There are so many good things.

(…) Honestly, I think for the value and the experience, and the service… go to Universal. They always like people. They always value your business. Disney? Disney has made it clear many times… that old saying when someone tells you who they are? Believe them.

Werner isn’t the only Disney influencer to be bitter about “Disney Magic” lately. Last year, some notable Disney vloggers, including Disney dan and Rob plays questioned Disney’s management of its Cast Members during the pandemic.

It’s been hard to defend a lot of Disney’s decisions lately, but more and more park fans are fed up with being nickeled, tarnished, disrespected and rejected by the Mouse House.

Over the past few years we have denounced the rapid decline of both Disney here on Pirates and princesses and our sister vlog, Clownfish television. And we paid for it by being blacklisted by Disney PR and being harassed by raving Disney fans almost daily.

But the truth is the truth, and sometimes there just aren’t enough spoonfuls of sugar to make it happen any easier.

Welcome to the party, Pete.

[Source: DIS Unplugged]

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