This woman was helped by a travel agent in Egypt because she is from “the country of Shah Rukh Khan”


Be a desi person means a lot of things. It could mean loving our mothers’ tasty food and nanis cook, that could mean to love chikankari kurtas and it could also mean loving Shah Rukh Khan. Some would say that the latter is almost inevitable. In fact, SRK has fans all over the world whether they are Indian or not. And this Tweet from a woman booking a trip to Egypt is proof of that.

Source: Masala

Ashoka University economics professor Ashwini Deshpande tweeted that a travel agent in Egypt was kind enough to let her pay for his services later because he knew he could be trusted, after all, she was from “Shah Rukh Khan’s country”. Yeah. You read correctly. And that post sparked a whole conversation about how SRK is pretty much an international ambassador for India and how he brought so much pride to our country.

So much wishes came forward to talk about all the different ways they experienced similar situations. Where pizza delivery men or random strangers in other countries greeted them with a lot of warmth simply because they are Indian, and from the same country as SRK.

The guy who said SRK has “omnipotent popularity” is damn right! And U.S wishes couldn’t be happier.


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