This travel app makes international travel safe and much cheaper

TLDR: With a premium TravelHacker subscription, users can instantly book the cheapest international flights while tracking global reopening and travel restriction alerts.

Almost everyone likes to go out and see the world. There isn’t much in life that is as calming and revealing as traveling around the world. However, travel is also time consuming, stressful, and full of logistics and pitfalls that can siphon money out of your wallet in seconds if you’re not careful.

Now add in the ongoing complexities of a global pandemic and the instability of the travel market that exists today, and old travel worries seem as strange as worrying about a trip to the grocery store. Now you REALLY have things to worry about.

TravelHacker is a smart travel app designed to balance the complexities and safety of traveling in the post-COVID world while saving travelers money, while remaining as agile as possible with the evolving rules and restrictions of the world. ‘today. At the moment, a 1 year premium subscription to TravelHacker is on sale at 84 percent off its regular price at just $ 39.

TravelHacker efficiently provides members with the capabilities of a top-notch travel agent, automatically determining the cheapest flights to the safest destinations. They monitor 100,000 flights of airlines around the world every day, find the best deals and pricing errors, and let you know instantly so you can enjoy great deals.

With TravelHacker, users set up alerts for their nearest airport with a full list of where they want to go with price ranges and travel times – and TravelHacker takes action. As soon as a flight falls within your range and time slot, you receive a real-time alert so you can mark your ticket through booking sites like Skyscanner or Google Flights immediately, with an average saving of $ 200 to $ 500. per ticket.

In addition to 24/7/365 ticket price monitoring, TravelHacker also vigilantly monitors travel conditions in over 120 countries and over 3,800 international airports. Their watchful eye can keep you up to date with all the latest reopenings, travel restrictions and news about the vaccine passport, or allow the search for destinations suitable for pandemics only with one click.

Currently, one year of premium service from TravelHacker is on sale for only $ 39, a savings of over $ 200. Or users can maximize their travel benefits with similar savings on three years ($ 59) and lifetime ($ 149) subscriptions too.

Prices are subject to change

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