Thirteen vacationers claim travel agent blocks on refunds of nearly RM30,000


IPOH: Thirteen people who have booked trips abroad but were postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic are hoping to get refunds from a travel agency here.

Made up of two groups who booked their respective trips to Vietnam and Japan in 2019, they said the travel agent had avoided their calls since last year.

Speaking on behalf of eight people who booked the trip to visit Vietnam in April last year, housewife Liew Yoke Chin said she hoped to meet with the travel agent and partners to resolve the issue. amicable problem.

“If they want to deduct money for the processing fee, we will gladly do so to get the rest of our money,” she said at a press conference held by the head of the service. Public and Perak MCA Complaints, Low Guo Nan, Wednesday, Nov. 24. ).

“We all paid a total of around 29,000 RM and it is not a small amount,” she added.

While pursuing the case last year, Liew, 52, said the travel agent also told them the agency was in liquidation due to the pandemic and would not be able to reimburse them.

“We were then asked to claim the losses from an insurance company, which they claimed to have purchased insurance for our trip.

“However, the insurance company said it had no information about it,” she said, adding that a police report was filed on the matter last week.

“When we went to their office, it was already closed and emptied.

“But when we checked with the Malaysian Companies Commission and the Insolvency Department, we found that the company had not yet been dissolved,” she added.

Housewife Yow Cheow Hoong, who spoke on behalf of five family members who booked a trip to visit Japan in May last year, said they paid around RM3,000 each to the same. travel agent.

“When we asked to cancel our trip last year we were told it would be a mess as we would not get a full refund.

“The travel agent even said she would help us get our refund from an insurance company. We haven’t heard from her since,” she added.

Yow said she filed a formal complaint with the Consumer Claims Tribunal in March of this year.

“The case has been postponed due to the pandemic and we are still awaiting a date for the proceedings, possibly in February of next year,” she said.

Low said he contacted the travel agent.

“They said the case had gone to court and they would let the process continue and declined to give further details.

“I also spoke to the police, who advised the plaintiffs to settle the case themselves,” he said.

Low also advised consumers to obtain appropriate black-and-white agreements with their travel agents to protect themselves and avoid litigation.


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