The LatinX Travel Club Launched This Year Despite The Pandemic


BRONX, NY – Pablo Segarra looks towards the horizon. From his balcony in the Bronx, he sometimes thinks of Puerto Rico. He remembers his first visit to the island at the age of seven.

What would you like to know

  • The LatinX Travel Club is a new group of members to promote travel among young Latinos
  • The club will host its very first conference in Miami in October
  • Ten students from our region will be selected for scholarship trips to Puerto Rico for a cultural immersion program

“I have never visited Puerto Rico before. My parents and grandparents told me all the time about Puerto Rico and how much they loved it, and how much they love to go back and visit. The first time I was able to go, once I landed, I really felt like I was at home, ”Pablo Segarra Esq., CEO-Nexus LatinX Travel Club.

Segarra’s life has been an interesting journey. He worked as a police officer patrolling the Washington Heights. After an accident, he left the NYPD. He eventually became an immigration lawyer, representing children stranded at the border.

In both careers, he felt compelled to speak out on behalf of the Latino community. In his free time, he traveled the world, visiting nearly 30 countries in Latin America and Europe. Now he merges his two passions with the Nexus LatinX Travel Club.

“The love of travel can really help move our culture forward, be able to bring other LatinX people to our countries and really understand the issues there,” Segarra said.

For now, club membership is free. Photos and videos from the trips are shared on Instagram to show the travel experiences of people like him – those born here on the mainland, parents in Puerto Rico or Latin American countries.

“It’s not that we don’t belong to any world, but we belong to both worlds. There is a biculturalism with us that we must be able to fully celebrate and of which we are proud, ”he declared.

To do so, the club will host its very first conference in Miami in October, bringing together leaders of the Latin tourism industry. The summit will focus on how to connect people in the Latino community with the places of origin of their families. Ten students from our region will be selected for a free trip to Puerto Rico, where they will be immersed in its culture.

Proceeds from the conference will fund travel and help start an overseas exchange program, which will allow students from host countries to visit the United States.

“The best education is travel. It’s just really, ”added the lawyer turned travel entrepreneur.

Student trips are scheduled for the end of 2021.


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