The best argument for hiring a travel agent in 2022


In a post-pandemic world, travel has become much more complicated and traveling with a travel agent has become a major benefit.

Travel is constantly changing, we know that. As the world of travel trends evolves from year to year, the actual process of How? ‘Or’ What a travel person also changes. For example, hiring a travel agent is something that was once considered outdated. In today’s world, it’s not enough to book travel and be worry-free – rather there are many worries when booking travel in a post-pandemic world.

Will flights change or be cancelled? Will the borders close? Will the restrictions change for entering a country? Will the hotel change their policies? Will money be lost if something is postponed or rescheduled?

All of these are valid questions, and also great questions when arguing for using a travel agent in 2022.

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Why a travel agent is so useful, especially now

It’s a travel agent’s job to know things the average traveler doesn’t. They will know the low seasons for certain destinations, the best offers on flights and accommodation, as well as activities or visits in the region that might interest them. While this is useful in an average year, in a world where nothing is certain, it’s also exceptionally useful when planning ahead.

Travel insurance, hidden costs and restrictions

Travel insurance is a big deal now, and it’s catching people’s attention after two years of lost bookings due to the pandemic. Navigating the world of travel insurance, however, is another story. When it is in the hands of an expert, things become much easier and travelers can rest assured that even if they pay someone to plan their trip, everything will go smoothly and they will be covered in many ways. .

Hidden fees, such as those associated with airlines and certain seats, for example, are another reason to consider a travel agent. Decades ago, there weren’t as many options as there are today. When it comes to hotel or resort reservations, these fees can often surprise a traveler whereas with a travel agent, everything will be on the table before they even book a trip.

In terms of restrictions, every country seems to have them in one form or another. It can be a real nightmare trying to navigate them from one country to another without the help of a professional. As the journey draws near, travel agents will also be able to provide updated information and – guess what – will be able to handle everything (including undoes) if things go wrong. According to an article by USA today, travel counselors are now familiar with the ever-changing world of testing requirements and vaccines. While identifying these requirements would be a lot of work for a traveler, travel advisors have access to the world and its post-pandemic travel checklist.

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Knowing when to go with a travel agent Vs. Not

Knowing when to use a travel agent is just as important as committing. A general rule is that if the holiday is a weekend or long weekend, a travel agent is not necessarily required. Also, if the trip only involves domestic travel, there’s really no need to hire someone to book flights and arrange accommodations (unless you want to).

On the other hand, if a trip involves any type of international travel or lasts a week or more, it’s best to go with someone who knows the ropes. Even experienced travelers can find benefits in hiring a travel agent, at least for specific things like reservations and flights.

Holiday-specific needs when booking with a travel agent

Another reason it may be useful to book through a travel agent is when their vacation is specific. By this we mean a trip that involves a complex itinerary or theme-specific activities. For example, planning a trip to Thailand for underwater excursions such as scuba diving or snorkeling. If the whole trip is centered around these excursions, including accommodation that offers the same services, a travel agent is incredibly helpful.

Another example would be when planning a wellness trip. Anything that involves specific services – such as spa services – or retreats that focus on yoga, tranquility and general healing, might require expert help. This is also a great opportunity to seek out a travel agent or agency that is familiar with these types of trips. Travelers will be rewarded with the absolute certainty of knowing they’ve secured a seat, as well as being in the trusted hands of experts who know the people or services themselves.

In 2022, with the unpredictability of travel still on the horizon, there are more reasons than not to give a travel agent the ability to create a brilliant vacation.

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