The Berkhamsted company supports the Rainbow Travel Club


A Berkhamsted company supports the launch of the Rainbow Travel Club.

Families in Hertfordshire can now travel again and at the same time thank the NHS forever by joining the Rainbow Travel Club.

The club opened to celebrate the easing of travel restrictions and a £ 3 membership fee of £ 5 from holidaymakers will be donated to NHS Charities Together, the national fundraising forum.

Hertfordshire families can now travel again and at the same time thank the NHS forever by joining the Rainbow Travel Club

It is a personal initiative of former journalist David Davis and his wife Beryl of Bushey, who turned to the NHS 60 years ago when they lost a baby.

A partner in the business is Jackie Steadman, owner of Traveltime World, Berkhamsted.

David, chairman of Avid Media Group Ltd, said: “Like most people, we have taken the NHS for granted, but the pandemic has been a stark reminder of its greatness and that doctors, nurses and all employees of the hospital strove beyond the call of duty to save the country from utter disaster.

“We hope the Rainbow Travel Club will be a permanent ‘thank you’ to the NHS every time someone goes on vacation.”

Jackie Steadman and his team of travel consultants will provide members with personalized advice, the best possible vacation deals and take care of all their travel arrangements.

Jackie said: ‘The Rainbow Travel Club is a smart move that will ensure that every time someone goes on vacation they will thank the NHS, from frontline doctors and nurses to porters and back office staff and keep alive the memory of their great actions during the pandemic. “

David admits that recruiting short-term members will be a tough challenge, but says once travel returns to normal it will be easier.

He added: “Last year almost nine in 10 Brits took a vacation so the potential is there for a huge number of members and we expect the £ 3 will soon turn into a sum of money. really meaningful to the NHS. “


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