“Temporary Use of Travel Agent Services in Mossy Forest”


The use of travel agent services in Mossy Forest in the Cameron Highlands is only a temporary measure, according to the Pahang Forestry Department.

The department said that since the opening of all ecotourism areas with permanent forest reserve status in Pahang from March 7, visitors wishing to go to Mossy Forest must obtain the services of a travel agent in the Cameron Highlands district.

To justify its action, the department said it was caused by a landslide at the entrance to the Gunung Brinchang VHF station, which is also the access road to the mossy forest.

The incident, which happened during the monsoon in December last year, had made the road unsafe for ordinary vehicles and drivers who were unaccustomed to the road, the department said in a statement.

He added that the access road, including the area affected by the landslide, was not suitable for ordinary vehicles, and for the safety and comfort of visitors, only four-wheel drive vehicles could be used. to get to the mossy forest.

The ministry was responding to a news report about the mandatory use of transport by some tour operators to visit the mossy forest.

“Parking in Mossy Forest is also very limited. For purposes of traffic control in the area, the ministry recommends that visitors obtain the services of travel agents in the form of carpooling.

“The use of travel agents will ensure the safety of visitors, especially when passing through areas at high risk of landslides and damaged roads,” he said.

The department said packages offered by travel agents in Mossy Forest were based on market prices and current demand.

“This is a temporary measure until the access road is repaired by the Department of Public Works and can be used safely,” he said.


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