Surface flooding in and around our streets – A reminder to travel safely


Hamilton City Council is urging Hamiltonians to travel safely on our city’s roads due to heavy rains which caused surface flooding in some areas today (Monday March 21).

The rainfall we’ve had over the past few hours has caused blockages in our roadside drains across the city, causing flooding in the streets. This is typical in case of short and intense rainfall.

“Our staff are already aware of several flooding issues in the city, and crews are working hard to clear the blockages,” said city transportation manager Gordon Naidoo.

“We thank those who have contacted us so far to report this flood. To prevent our phone lines from being overloaded, please use the Antenno app to report any issues you encounter,” Naidoo said.

If the problem is more serious, such as a flood which damages private property or puts people at risk, please continue to call the customer support team on 07 838 6699. In an emergency, call 111 and ask for firefighters.

“With rain forecast for the next few days, it’s important to be careful in your travels – allow a little extra time for your trip, watch for areas with excess water on the road and adjust your speed accordingly. We want everyone to get where they want safely.

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