Spain launches the “Travel Safe” tourist campaign


The Spanish national tourism agency Turespaña has launched a new “Travel safely” campaign. This aims to contribute to a recovery of confidence in tourism, providing information on safe travel conditions and encouraging tourist trips to Spain.

Introducing the campaign on Thursday, Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto said that tourists, when making travel decisions, should be aware of the safety conditions and protocols in different countries. “This led us to do safety a priority. “Given the progress made in the field of vaccines, it was time to position Spain as a safe destination through a campaign that reinforces the” Spain brand “(Marca España).

Turespaña CEO Miguel Sanz explained that the initial cost of an eight-week campaign will be two million euros, although the development of the campaign depends on the health situation in different foreign tourist markets. Turespaña takes a “very surgical” approach that focuses on specific markets.

There will be details on how to travel safely, which tourists can expect when arriving in Spain and in individual regions country, and what to consider when returning home.

Travel Safe is described as a 360-degree communication strategy based on the informative content of security and prevention measures. There is a separate website within the official tourism website with information in nine languages. An interactive map of Spain, updated daily, will show the measures in the different regions, for example mobility restrictions and catering capacities. The content is structured to take into account safe sun and beach, safe urban and natural destinations.

Turespaña will promote the campaign through social media and work with influencers to “echo” campaign messages. It will be aimed at a number of European countries, for example the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Ireland and the Netherlands. The campaign will last as long as there are preventive measures for the coronavirus and will complement Turespaña’s other tourism promotions.

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