Some tips for your next road trip

There is nothing worse than a 12 hour international flight across the ocean with eyes wide open the whole journey with no hope of sleeping.

Deprived of sleep, you will experience significant jet lag for at least two days. And that could be a problem whether you are going on a family vacation or for a presentation to an international client.

Although it is difficult to sleep well on an airplane, there are a few practical tips that can help you alleviate certain discomforts.

So read on as we have some proven tips for you to get a good sleep on a long international flight.

# 1 Overcome your phobia of flying

First of all, if you have a the fear of stealing, then you will probably be anxious during the trip. And, anxiety won’t let you sleep. There are many ways to fight anxiety, but the most effective is register for an online intrepid flyer program.

An effective fear of flying course includes lectures from experienced flight captains and crew members that will help you deal with your claustrophobia, fear of heights, panic attacks, and fear of turbulence.

By taking the course, you will be able to deal with your fear permanently, so that next time you will fly with confidence.

# 2 Choose your seat wisely

The window seat is the preferred choice if you plan to sleep during your entire trip. With the seat against the wall of the plane, you can lean on it.

You will have more space and will not be pushed by your neighbor, so you can easily walk away. Those in the aisle and in the central seat are often shaken by other passengers. In addition, you will have some control over the window shade.

Think twice before choosing an exit row seat. Yes, you’ll get the extra space, but the exit row seats don’t recline.

# 3 Avoid caffeine

Above all, for a daytime flight – even when the slightest ray of light through the window is a distraction – you should avoid caffeine. You will find it confusing to sleep if caffeine is flowing in your veins.

Avoid the temptation to have a cup of coffee before boarding the plane. Stick to water or lemonade and alcohol free.

# 4 bring noise canceling headphones

For better sleep, you need to muffle all surrounding noise. High quality noise canceling headphones are effective in preventing disturbance caused by children in the back seat or chatting passengers.

Opt for bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones so you can play music through your smartphone.

# 5 moisturize

You need to understand that there is a fine line between staying hydrated on a long-haul flight and handing out your co-passengers every now and then when you rush to the bathroom.

But, during the long flight, you can become dehydrated if you don’t get enough fluids. Dehydration can lead to headaches, and nausea ultimately disrupts sleep.

Don’t rely on beer to keep you hydrated.

# 6 bring an eye mask

Bring an eye mask

The more you can block out exterior elements of the shot such as aircraft noise and light, the faster you will fall asleep.

Buy an eye mask that blocks the lights from your neighbor’s laptop screen, also easily fits your face for great comfort.

# 7 Watch what you eat

Avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates and not spicy, as these foods cause indigestion. Ingestion can cause anxiety which may prevent you from sleeping.

You know your body better, so eat what is easy to digest and comfortable on the body before you fall asleep.

# 8 wrap a pillow

Yes, the crew can give you a pillow, airline pillows are not too comfortable. You will sleep better and more comfortably if you bring your pillow.

Go for a pillow that supports your slides. It would help if your seat did not have a reclining option.

Last tip

If all of the above fail, there are several over-the-counter medication options to help you sleep. Take any medications prescribed by your doctor. Do a ground test to make sure there are any side effects before you take the pill while you are on the plane.

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