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Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a travel agent? Find out all about the process this week on Trade Secrets, when co-hosts Emma Weissmann and Jamie Biesiada are joined by Jenn Lee of Travel Planners International.

Emma and Jamie will kick off the episode by presenting their concepts for travel agencies, then ask Jenn all the questions they would have if they were starting out as travel consultants. Listen to Jenn’s advice, applicable to new advisors and veterans alike.

Episode Sponsor:

This episode is sponsored by Windstar Cruises.

In this episode:

. 1:24 – Meet our guest, Jenn Lee from Travel Planners International
. 2:28 – A quick word on our format this week
. 3:43 – Emma pitches her agency: All ABoat Travel
. 8:00 – If an agent specializes in cruising, should they specialize in a particular subset of cruising?
. 10:09 – Jamie pitches his agency: Disney meets ghosts (really!)
. 13:59 – Should an agency with two (or more) specialties have multiple names?
. 15:50 – Learn about travel agency names – should you use your name? Should you register a trademark? And when?
. 19:00 – What is the first thing you should do when you decide to open an agency? (Spoiler: it’s more than a thing.)
. 22:05 – What happens if your personal network doesn’t support your new business?
. 23:52 – How many clients do you need to start your agency?
. 25:58 – How many trips should a travel consultant plan in a given week?
. 28:20 – How do you juggle planning trips to destinations you know well and those you don’t, and how do you maintain an air of expertise when planning a trip to somewhere you don’t have you ever been?
. 30:20 – How soon can you make money once you’ve launched your agency?
. 31:29 – Do you need a lawyer?
. 33:32 – How much does it cost to start a travel agency?
. 35:02 – How much time a travel consultant should spend working each week

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