Ryanair called it ‘evil’ after warning passengers with travel agent boarding passes would not be allowed to fly


Ryanair has warned its customers that anyone arriving with an unofficial Ryanair boarding pass will be refused entry to their flight.

In the Aug. 18 announcement, the airline said only passengers who have completed Ryanair’s official check-in process and have been briefed on safety and security protocols can board its flights.

The airline says passengers booking through the third-party website Kiwi.com – which provides customers with their own boarding passes – bypass this process and will not be allowed to fly.

“It is an obligation under EU regulations that an airline directly informs passengers of all safety and security policies regarding their flight,” said Dara Brady, director of marketing for Ryanair.

“Kiwi.com gets around this by checking in passengers and replacing the Ryanair boarding pass with a fake boarding pass issued by Kiwi.com. “

A Kiwi.com spokesperson called Ryanair’s statement ‘petty’ and ‘evil’, insisting that its boarding passes were identical to Ryanair’s except for a background and a branded color palette.

“Kiwi.com complies with all requirements to ensure safe travel for our customers and has been doing so for years,” the spokesperson said.

“Threatening not to board customers is meaningless and a diabolical practice by Ryanair to try to stifle customer choice.

“The real reason for this action is that Kiwi.com often sells Ryanair tickets cheaper than Ryanair and they don’t like it.”


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