Reasons to use a travel agent in 2022


The world of travel is confusing in normal times and it has become nearly impossible to navigate during the pandemic. Despite this, our State Of Travel survey revealed that 88% of people aged 50+ are tired of being stuck at home and plan to travel in 2022. We love this news! But with ever-changing travel regulations and varying testing and vaccination requirements, don’t bother planning travel on your own this year.

Hiring a travel consultant to help you with the planning and booking process is more important than ever. Travel Advisors are experts at keeping up to date with the latest requirements, finding the best deals, and being your personal travel concierge. We partner with travel advisors Carie Skerritt and Bill Sharo of Dream Vacations to help our readers book their perfect vacation and help you out when things go wrong. Here are the top reasons not to book your own trip in 2022.

1. Daily changes in COVID regulations around the world

Although many international borders are open to travellers, protocols and requirements are still changing daily as the world rides the COVID-19 roller coaster. Nor is the confusion limited to international travel; As the omicron variant increases, regions across the United States have all adopted varying levels of restrictions. Cruising is its own animal, and trying to monitor both the cruise lines and the latest rules at each port can become a frustrating full-time job. In addition to the fact that the WHO, the CDC, and the government of each state or country seem to be making conflicting announcements, it is difficult to have a clear path forward.

Lucky for your wanderlust, watch for these daily changes is full-time employment of travel counsellors. They guide you through the latest protocols and requirements of your chosen destination and ensure that you are well prepared before your trip.

2. You’ll likely pay more for hotels, tours, and excursions

Many hotels and cruise lines offer unadvertised group rates for travelers, but the average person doesn’t have access to them. In addition, many hotels and excursions offer promotions based on the traveler’s age, profession, state of residence, etc. Thanks to the incredible relationships with preferred suppliers developed over decades, travel advisors have access to book these group offers. On top of that, they are experts in combining all eligible promotions to give you the best price available. They can also book exclusive land and shore excursions that the average cruiser would never be able to find on their own.

3. You will miss price drops after booking

Speaking of cruises, cruise lines regularly update their prices and promotions, especially throughout wave season. Many people may assume that they are locked in on their booking price, even if it drops later. However, travel advisors monitor these fluctuations for you and will immediately book your trip if the price drops. Who doesn’t want the happy surprise of a trip that costs less provided that ?

4. You will probably waste time and money before and during your vacation

Booking your trip through a travel advisor will give you ultimate peace of mind. If you’re eager to finally take your big trip abroad, don’t assume you can count on the familiarities available in the United States.

Travel counselors also help you make the most of your time. Who wants to queue at the Vatican or the Colosseum? They know how to get there and how much it should cost, saving you time and money. And the hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower? They know which one to book. Even in “normal” years, it’s easy to overlook the details that go into a stress-free vacation, like booking your hotel room before a cruise or arranging safe transportation.

Spend the hours researching. Travel counselors get to know you and your travel needs on a personal level. Our partners, Carie and Bill, take pride in handling all the details for you and providing you with a hassle-free dream vacation.

For more information on planning your trip, contact Carie and Bill here.


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