Plan a trip? Here’s why you should use a travel agency


Let’s cut to the chase: after a long vacation break, the Canadians are ready to travel. However, travelers have some concerns before taking their next flight. People want to make sure the places they visit are safe, they want to understand if there are any pandemic restrictions, and they want to have a good plan for their time.

While you can find a lot of this information online, here are five reasons why working with a travel agent is a smarter way to book your vacation this year.

Get the latest information on travel advice

It is not surprising that travel advice and notice have changed a lot during the last years. Between vaccination records, proof of testing and quarantine requirements – to name a few – it can be difficult to know what you really need to do before leaving your home country and entering. in your destination. Fortunately, travel agents can help you meet these needs.

CAA Travel Counselors are CAA SMART Trips certified, which means they have all the tools you need to take the stress out of planning your post-pandemic trips.

Get first-hand advice

Like anything else, if you don’t do something regularly, you might get a little rusty the first time you do it. And traveling is no different.

For travel agents, traveling is literally part of the job. Not only do they keep up to date with trending destinations and must-do activities, but they’ve also traveled with current restrictions and know what to expect. Agents are always happy to share their stories and experiences of different places and types of holidays, whether it’s aboard a cruise across the Mediterranean, on a guided safari or where to go to experience authentic local cultures.

Ask someone to watch out for your best interests

Even the best-laid plans can sometimes take a left turn. But if something happens before you leave, while you’re away, or even after you get home, a travel agent is always there to help.

Need to cancel your trip? An emergency has arisen and you need to change your plans? Do you need help contacting the airline or hotels when you return home? Your travel agent will be the only one to take action, making calls on your behalf and even waiting until they get the information you need.

Win time and money

Yes, you can find great deals online for travel. However, travel agents have countless travel industry resources and contacts, and they know how to research, plan, and book travel arrangements. All of this knowledge ensures that you get the best travel options at the best price. If there are new promotions or offers, they know about them. And perhaps more importantly, they know how to get those promotions for you.

In addition to industry sales, CAA Travel Advisors help CAA members obtain exclusive benefits with preferred travel partners around the world. Plus, you don’t have to spend hours trying to find the right deals; your travel agent does all the heavy lifting for you.

Get the travel insurance you need

In addition to getting the best price on a personalized vacation package, travel agents will make sure you have the right Assurance for your trip, including coverage for emergency medical care, trip cancellation and trip interruption.

Your credit cards and group plans may provide certain insurance benefits, and a travel agent will identify gaps to provide you with additional coverage for your adventure. This may include damage to the rental vehicle, pre-existing conditions or adventurous aerial activities. If you’re unsure of exactly what coverage you’ll need, that’s exactly why you should speak to a travel agent before planning your trip.

These are just a few reasons why you should book your trip with the help and advice of an experienced travel agent, but really, the ultimate reason is that you deserve an amazing trip. It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to travel freely, and a travel agent will go out of their way to ensure your next adventure is the best it can be. Have a good trip !


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