Oceania Cruises Resources for Travel Agencies and Travel Agents


Oceania is a small-ship luxury cruise line that sails a fleet of six cruise ships to destinations around the world.

Four of the six ships are Regatta-class ships: Regatta, Nautica, Insignia and Sirena. All of these ships were built before 2001 for Renaissance Cruises, all of similar sizes (approximately 30,000 tons) with similar passenger capacity (824 passengers in 343 cabins).

The other two ships, Marina and Riviera, belong to the Oceania class. Both operate at 66,000 tons with a capacity of 1,250 passengers in 625 cabins, most of which include private balconies.

Oceania has two other ships on order as part of its new Allura class of ships – Visa, which is expected to be delivered in 2023, and another ship that is yet to be named. Both of these ships are expected to enter service in similar sizes to the Oceania class of ships.

Destinations visited
Oceania is a global cruise line, operating in every corner of the world, including some faraway and lesser-known destinations in places like the Middle East, South Pacific, North Fjords, and more. Luxury clients looking for a unique experience on a small ship will likely find it with Oceania.

The cruise line also offers an annual World Cruise, one of the line’s most popular itineraries, which in 2023 will take passengers to four counties, 33 countries, 27 islands and 96 ports. Customers can choose to ride the entire route or smaller segments.

Portal of travel agencies in Oceania
Advisors or agent owners can go to Oceania Travel Agent Login Page to start planning cruises or get certified with the cruise line.

The portal offers a planning section with a booking engine; marketing tools to use to reach customers; a sales advice and training section; and information about Oceania’s commission program and rewards and recognition program for their partners.

Oceania Travel Agent Rates & Fams
Oceania offers discounted rates to its travel advisor partners and one guest based on availability on select voyages. Offers, availability and the application process can all be accessed through Oceania’s travel agent portal.

Oceania Sales Team
Oceania’s sales team is led by Director of Sales and Marketing Frank Del Rio Jr. The team includes Senior Vice President of Sales Nikki Upshaw, a 10-year veteran of the luxury cruise line, as well as a team of sales representatives and supervisors. Contact details for travel agents wishing to contact the sales team can also be found through this travel advisor portal.

Oceania training
Oceania offers a travel partner training course that will keep advisors up to date with the latest updates, news and product information. The course consists of 7 modules, which must be completed in numerical order, plus a quiz at the end of each module (you must score 100% to progress).

Each module should take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete and counselors are encouraged to work at their own pace.

Oceania also offers a Trade Insider e-newsletter specifically for its travel advisor partners. it is possible to register here.


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