New for 2022: Swanky Expats Travel Club


February 2, 2022 – Calling all expats, digital nomads and remote workers – are you looking to discover the coolest spots and hidden gems outside of the city that is your new home? Help is at hand – meet the Swanky Expats Travel Club.

Having lived in Croatia for 18 years and having been privileged to have visited every corner of the country, I am constantly blown away by the number of incredible experiences that can be found here off the beaten path. I could list a hundred, but to save time, how about attending a foreign veterans reunion barbecue in an authentic English pub in a field literally in the middle of nowhere in eastern Croatia. Read more in After Vukovar, foreign veterans gather in an English pub near Vinkovci.

Many amazing experiences that even many locals don’t know about, and I’m very grateful to those who showed me this hidden part of Croatia.

I’ve been an expat to 10 countries in my life, and I know full well how difficult it is to step out of the comfort zone of the city I’ve been residing in, and how daunting it can be to find ways to get off the beaten track. follow and discover the soul and essence of a country. If only there was some sort of travel club where I could connect to local experiences and maybe meet some cool people along the way.


It wasn’t until I returned from another sensational find with the lovely Iva Perokovic of Swanky Travel that I realized we had an interesting solution. Imagine this (and I had never heard of it) – a military airbase built into a mountain that could house 80 MiG fighters, as well as withstand a nuclear attack, which you could actually walk through on your way from Croatia to Bosnia. Nuts.

But that’s exactly the kind of nut that Iva delivers to every experience. You can read more about visiting Zeljava Air Base here.

What if Swanky Travel could start some kind of expat travel club, offering sensational experiences – first from Zagreb, but soon other cities if successful – a few times a month for cool places for small groups of expatriates, digital nomads and teleworkers (with locals more than welcome)?

I need to tell you about Swanky first. The award-winning Swanky Mint Hostel on Ilica is literally one of the coolest places to stay in central Zagreb – how many other places have their own outdoor pool near the bar, for example?

And what a bar it is, as you can see above.

And with the networking, hosting, fun and organization of young Iva, things are going very well, and the atmosphere is fabulous. The fact that this is a 3 minute walk from my front door is accidental. And did I mention the food? SOI Fusion on the ground floor is arguably the best Asian restaurant in the Croatian capital.

You can see Iva in action at last year’s Zagreb Digital Nomad Jolly Wrap Up (his idea) – one of the best things to happen in Croatia in 2021.


So Iva – what do you think, I asked Canopy by Hilton recently.

That’s what she imagined…

Dear digital nomads, expats and remote workers, we know that community is number one on the priority list when it comes to your lifestyle… We also know that Croatia has so many wonderful things to offer. Thus, by combining these two facts we present:

Classy Expat Travel Club

Every month we have prepared activities and tours that will give you the opportunity to discover Croatia, meet new friends and get a glimpse of the locals. There are 3 “categories” so we hope there is something for everyone:




For now, we have planned February, so stay tuned because we have prepared wine and food tours, rafting on the Mrežnica river, Urbex tours to explore abandoned sites, cooking classes, safaris in quad biking, hikes, cocktail workshops, river cruises and much more. Continued…

As places are limited, be sure to reserve yours at This email address is protected from spam. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

************************************************** *******************




    • NAME: GINcredible day
    • DATED: February 12, 2022
    • THE PRICE: 35.00€ / per person

*Max ten passengers



  • private gin workshop
  • tasting & finger food



Just 25 minutes from Zagreb, a popular distillery will host a gin workshop for us. They are famous for the first Croatian artisanal gin called Flying Cat and on this tour we will learn, taste and have fun…





    • NAME: Northern Castles

    • DATED: February 19, 2022

    • THE PRICE: €50.00 – €75.00 / per person

*Depends to the group Cut (5 19 people)


Veliki Tabor


  • private round trip transfer
  • private tour guide
  • Tickets for Veliki Tabor & Trakošćan
  • Breakfast in a local restaurant




Let us take you back to the Middle Ages – we visit 3 wonderful places with picturesque castles in Croatia – Veliki Tabor, Trakošćan and Varaždin. Of course, we will end the tour at a local restaurant where a traditional lunch awaits you.





    • NAME: Winter hiking in Medvednica
    • DATED: February 26, 2022
    • THE PRICE: 20.00€ / per person

*Max ten passengers


(Medvednica – J. Duval)


  • private guide
  • morning hike (2h up / 2h down)
  • lunch in one of the mountain houses at the top


(Sljeme – J. Duval)


Medvednica – the lungs of Zagreb – beautiful mountain that has watched over the city for centuries. Today is a great escape into nature, so do what the locals do

  • Put on your hiking boots and backpack and join our outdoor guide for a hike to the summit where you’ll feast on a delicious traditional lunch.


(Sljeme – J. Duval)

Of course, this is just the beginning, and if Swanky Expats Travel Club proves successful, we will expand our operations to other cities. We are already planning to organize a visit to the Mali Ston Oyster Festival in Split in March, for example.

And then, of course, there’s the magical east of Croatia that many locals ignore. Take a look here at Time to Tell the Truth about vibrant Slavonia.

And fabulous festivals like HeadOnEast in Osijek, less than 3 hours from Zagreb. Iva can show you the magic…

So who wants one (or all) of the first 3 visits to the Swanky Expats Travel Club? You could go down in history.

As places are limited, be sure to reserve yours at This email address is protected from spam. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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