Mossy Forest Travel Agent Use Only Temporary, Says Forestry Department


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The use of travel agent services for the Mossy Forest Eco-Forest Park in the Cameron Highlands is only a temporary measure.

The Pahang Forestry Department (JPNP) said the rationale for the implementation is based on several factors emphasizing safety.

Explain the subject on FacebookJPNP said there was a landslide incident at the entrance to Mount Brinchang VHF station, which is also an access road to Mossy Forest.

The incident happened during the monsoon season in December 2021, which made the road dangerous for ordinary vehicles and unskilled drivers on the road.

A foggy morning at the mossy forest. (Credit: Fernando Fong)

JPNP explained that the road conditions leading to TER Mossy Forest, which included areas prone to landslides, are not suitable for normal vehicles.

For the safety and comfort of visitors, only off-road vehicles (4×4) may be used to travel to Mossy Forest.

At the same time, parking in Mossy Forest is very limited.

For the purposes of traffic control in the area, JPNP recommends that visitors obtain the services of travel agents in the form of carpooling.

JPNP announced the opening of all ecotourism areas with permanent forest reserve status in Pahang from March 7.

The car park at the entrance to Mossy Forest. (Credit: Fernando Fong)

Why travel agents are mandatory

Following the opening, JPNP advised that visitors wishing to travel to Mossy Forest must obtain the services of a travel agent in the Cameron Highlands District.

Using the services of travel agents will ensure the safety of visitors, especially when passing through high-risk areas (landslides and rutted roads).

The requirement had drawn criticism from the public, especially budget travelers and those with their own 4×4 vehicle.

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JPNP also clarified that the packages offered by travel agents in Mossy Forest are based on market prices and current demand.

The use of travel agent services at Mossy Forest will no longer be compulsory once the access road has been repaired by the Department of Public Works and is safe to use.

The Mossy Forest Boardwalk allows visitors to explore Mother Nature in comfort. (Credit: Fernando Fong)

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