Malta’s ‘dark red’ travel list rules need to be relaxed, says Federation of Travel Agents


Malta should relax its rules effectively banning travel from ‘dark red’ countries, the Federated Travel and Tourist Agents Association (FATTA) has urged.

“[We] urge the authorities to carefully and regularly review the list of countries/areas subject to an effective travel ban (dark red list), in order to further facilitate the authorization of travel to these destinations for fully vaccinated holders of a valid vaccination certificate issued by the Maltese authorities and to apply the same reduced quarantine measures on their return as those applicable to primary contacts.

Several countries, from Argentina and Mexico to Serbia and Egypt, have been classified as “dark red”.

Travel from “dark red” countries is prohibited except in “exceptional circumstances” with prior authorization from the health authorities. These travelers must quarantine for ten days if properly vaccinated and two weeks if not.

Health Minister Chris Fearne

Despite Health Minister Chris Fearne’s insistence that the travel ban reflects the countries where COVID-19 is spreading the most, the list has not been updated for months.

Fearne hinted earlier this month that the list could be revised to reflect countries’ vaccination rates and said more details would be announced when the EU reaches an agreement and ‘when it’s good for Malta’ .

Along with updating the “dark red” travel rules, FATTA also urged authorities to remove or significantly relax the restriction on the number of people who can gather in public spaces, currently limited to six.

They added that limited capacity restrictions on tour coaches, minibuses, ferry services and commercial passenger vessels (currently 80%) should be lifted and operators allowed to carry their respective full licensed capacity.

Should Malta scrap or revise its dark red travel rules?


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