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The latest adventure for a local senior travel club will have members attending the Buffalo Philharmonic’s “Salute to the Wizard of Oz” in March. The orchestra will sing tunes in honor of the film’s 80th anniversary.

The group will then internationalize with “Oh Canada Eh! in April as well as another day trip to the Buffalo Philharmonic’s “Salute to the Flag” in May.

The Lewiston Senior Travel Club has been in existence for almost 20 years and has taken its members all over the world, including Europe and Hawaii. Paulette Glasgow is leading the group now and planning single day trips for $ 80 to $ 90 per member and includes lunch. Althea Montgomery was the founder of the club and still visits the senior center where most members meet during the week.

“There were five of us at the start,” Montgomery said. “But then it fell to three. We have been to Australia, the Canadian Rockies, Alaska, New Zealand. We went to Fiji. Hawaii, three or four times. Montgomery said most trips were planned by travel agencies. “We have had very good people who have worked with us. They were economical. They gave us as many free things as possible and we paid for the rest.

The core of travelers now includes Felicia Loor, Doris Hampton, Heidi Gatehouse and Diana Paonessa. “We have a really good director,” Loor said with a laugh. Loor said she had been traveling with the group from the start. “We went to Pennsylvania and to a mining country. They were long journeys.

Club members were optimistic in describing not only where they went, but also how fun they had been. “We’re the rowdy girls,” Hampton said. “We are very friendly,” Loor said. “It’s never boring with us.” Glasgow had nothing but compliments for his group. She said they were reliable travelers, always on the go and many of them paid months in advance which made it easier to book trips. “It’s better than staying at home and doing the housework,” Loor said with a laugh.

Although this is the Lewiston Senior Travel Club, everyone is welcome to join the group on their travels. Glasgow’s phone number is 297-4749.


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