I’m a travel agent – how to save $1,000 on your next family vacation with my simple tips


The most magical place on Earth can end up costing you a pretty penny – and while it might be worth your kids’ beaming smiles, there’s no denying there’s a lot of savings to be made.

Well, a Disney travel agent has revealed six ways to save money when booking your next trip.


Cathy Diercksen revealed how you can travel to Disney for cheapCredit: Cathy Diercksen
His tips can save people up to $1,000 per trip


His tips can save people up to $1,000 per tripCredit: Getty

Exclusively with The US Sun, Cathy Diercksen who is a platinum planner for Wonderful Mouse Journeyshared that you can save between $500 and $1,000 depending on who is in your travel party.


The first thing you want to do when booking your trip to Disney is choose to stay at what is considered a value resort within the parks.

“It really depends on the size of the family and the makeup of the family, so if you have kids under three, they get in for free,” she explained.


Another way people can save on their Disney trip is to choose off-peak dates.

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These could be the second week of January, the beginning of February and the first week of June.

However, Diercksen acknowledges that parents can find it difficult because they depend on when their children are out of school.

“Not only are the hotels going to be expensive, your flights are too. But I always say avoid vacations, set a strict budget and stick to it!”


“When my clients come to me for a first visit, I tell them to skip the Park Hopper and focus on visiting one park a day,” the Disney travel agent explained.

The Park Hopper allows people to visit more than one park per day, depending on the park website.

“You don’t have to worry about moving around all day, and you can actually take breaks. It’s less stressful and doesn’t overload the kids,” Diercksen said.

“You never know how they will react since it’s their first time.

“And if you don’t book a Park Hopper pass, you can plan a day off where you can wake up later, relax by the pool, do things at your own pace so you don’t feel rushed.”


A huge misconception when it comes to booking a trip to Disney is that staying inside the parks is very expensive.

Diercksen explained that it’s actually the opposite: people will spend more money staying out of parks.

“Time is money. So if you’re staying out, you’re paying for transportation, whether it’s renting a car or depending on Uber.

“You also pay to park that rental car and waste a lot of time driving and finding where to park.

“If you stay outside the park, you won’t be able to get in and out of the park either. And while it might cost you a bit more to stay inside the park, at the end of the account, you won’t waste time you could use to take photos with your favorite Disney characters.”

Plus, when you stay inside the park, you can enter the park before everyone else, so you’re immediately ahead of the game.


When booking your next trip to Disney, don’t hesitate to approach a travel agency like Marvelous Mouse Travels.

Travel agencies are paid by sellers, so you won’t be charged extra just for booking through someone rather than the website itself.

The advantage of using a travel agent is that it is their job, so they will always have your best interests at heart. Therefore, if a promotion appears on their radar, they will endeavor to apply it to your trip so that you can save as much as possible.

They will also help you know which parks to visit, at what time and how to get the best value.

On top of all that, they’ll always offer tips you might not know about on your first or second visit, like photo packages and luxury dining.

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Instead of spending money on water and drinks at parks, some people will use food delivery services like Instacart or DoorDash to have crates delivered to their hotel room.

They can then take the drinks with them to the park inside a cooler. It will save you tons of money every day and you can make sure everyone stays hydrated at all times.

There are six tips for saving money when going to the parks


There are six tips for saving money when going to the parksCredit: Getty

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