I’m a Disney travel agent – my two simple tips will help you avoid the lines at the theme park


IF you end up spending more time in lines than on rides every time you go to Disney World or Disney Land, you might want to listen.

A Disney travel agency has revealed its secrets for getting the most out of your next trip, including avoiding long lines.


Cathy Diercksen revealed how to beat the lines at DisneyCredit: Cathy Diercksen

Exclusively with The US Sun, Cathy Diercksen who is a platinum planner for Wonderful Mouse Journeyshared that there are ways to speed up your time at the beloved amusement park.


If you can afford it, you should book a resort inside the park as this will give you quick access to the parks.

According to Diercksen, “You will enter the park half an hour earlier if you are staying at one of the interior properties.

“You’re going to have an extra leg up on people who don’t stick around.”

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Although it may be a little pricey, you have to remember that time is money.

And if you’re worried about going broke with this solution, there are several resort options for all budgets.

Staying inside the parks will also save you money on renting a car and finding a place to park it all day.

Ultimately, staying inside the park will save you money and time, and allow you to enter the park earlier.


If staying inside the parks isn’t an option for you, there is another way.

“Disney just launched a new service called Genie+,” she revealed.

Customers can use the Disney Genie+ service to “pre-book” queue slots through the Lightning Lane entrance, allowing Guests to skip the normal queue, which can take between 30 and 90 minutes.

This new service includes personalized itinerary planning, future wait time predictions for attractions, a virtual assistant, mobile ordering, restaurant waiting list, check-in, reservations and, most importantly, virtual queues (available at some attractions).

“It’s basically like a placeholder for you. Instead of just holding you there, it’ll tell you to come back at a certain time,” Diercksen explained.

However, this service is not free and it will cost you $15 per person per day.

Also in the Genie app, some rides will allow you to plan your spot online.

The selection of individual attractions will additionally charge you a Genie fee per ride, but all you have to do is schedule a timeslot and show up. That’s it.

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“You will plan your time but you will pay more on top of the $15,” the expert concluded.

Previously, Diercksen revealed six ways to save money when booking your next trip to Disney.

There are two ways to skip the lines at Disney


There are two ways to skip the lines at DisneyCredit: Reuters

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