How to travel safely with the essentials of hygiene and well-being


For a long time, the pandemic imposed restrictions on the movement of people. But now many have started planning trips, celebrating festivals, visiting loved ones, despite following all Covid security measures.

The availability of vaccines gave people the confidence to venture out. But the pandemic is still here, and it will continue for some time. As such, one should be careful when leaving his house, especially when going to a public place.

In the post-Covid world, there are some absolute must-haves that one must have on them, and Manisha Reetesh Dhingra, the co-founder of WiZ care lists them here. Read on.

Disinfectant shield for all surfaces: In a bus, train, car or plane, people should wear a shield that disinfects all surfaces. Although transport authorities try to clean the surfaces, we still don’t know how many germs, dirt, bacteria and viruses are on seats, windows, handrails and armrests. Some people just try to spray their hand sanitizer on the seats. It is important to note that hand sanitizers are specially formulated to remove germs from hands. And while the product may have some effect, it still won’t be as effective as a surface disinfectant shield.

Hand sanitizer wipes: It can be used in hotels, restaurants, clubs, gyms and schools, where there is a lot of activity. Keeping a proper set of hand sanitizer wipes can give users the satisfaction of having clean, sterilized hands. The wipes can gently rub into every corner of your hand, leaving it clean, hygienic and fresh.

Disinfectant spray: Traditional disinfectant spray can help you when you go to gyms, yoga classes, restaurants, hotels, spas, salons, home, office or school. This product is remarkably effective, practical and easy to use.

Disinfectant wipes: These carefully crafted hygiene essentials are specially designed to keep your workstation, vehicles, cell phones, and the area you touch in shopping malls, etc., clean. This process is instantaneous and foolproof.

Textile disinfectant spray: Not only does your skin come into contact with bacteria and viruses, but your clothes also require special attention. Regular washing is good, but to add an extra layer of protection, spray your freshly laundered clothes, hotel equipment, clothes at home or in gyms with a disinfectant spray. It eliminates viruses and bacteria that would not otherwise be removed during the routine washing process.

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