How to choose a travel agent for your next vacation

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Go locally

The New York Times indicated that it is best to go locally when choosing a travel agent.

“The same goes for any professional service in your life,” Misty Belles of international travel agency network Virtuoso told The New York Times. “If you know someone who works with a travel consultant and has been happy with the experience, this is a good place to start.”

As the travel agency industry shrinks, many agents and their respective businesses depend on their reputation to succeed. Therefore, a high recommendation from a trusted friend is a valuable resource when choosing an agent.

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Previous experience with the destination

Professionalism, certification and a good reputation will take the modern travel agent far. But to get the most out of your experience, you’ll want to choose someone with experience organizing vacations to your intended travel destination.

According The travel network, a travel agent does not necessarily need to have prior travel experience to the destination. But some travel agents focus on particular areas of interest for their work, such as certain areas of the Bahamas or parts of Europe.

Choose a travel agent with professional experience handling vacation details in the area you want to visit.


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