How to become a travel agent and how to start a travel agency?


Traveling is always an exciting thing to do. It’s a way to break up the monotony of your day-to-day work life, give the family some well-deserved relaxation, or simply get out of the cold of the brutal northern winters. Decide on location and choose an airline is part of the life of a great traveler. What if you wanted to turn this lifestyle into a career? You can achieve this by becoming a travel agent. Here’s everything you need to know to become a travel agent.

What is a travel agent?

Travel agents are people who are responsible for providing travel services to the public. Their job is to guide travelers to their destination in the safest and fastest way possible. As a travel agent, you can also expect to do the following:

  • Help your customers book their travel tickets
  • Manage necessary payments
  • Maintain client records
  • Recommend trending areas to visit
  • Ensure a client has the correct vaccines
  • Ensure that each purchase is within the client’s budget
  • Take care of any emergencies or sudden setbacks

You might think that becoming a travel agent requires a ton of education. However, one of the best things about this career is that you don’t have to go to college for it. Some companies hire people who only have a high school diploma or something similar. But that doesn’t mean you have to waste the chance to learn. We recommend getting at least a Hospitality Associate. Compared to something like a BA or Masters, associate degrees only take two years to complete. And there is no better way to finance your studies than by taking out a student loan from a private lender. Flexible terms and low interest rates allow you to pay off your debt quickly, so you can focus on your new career.

Benefits of being a travel agent

As with any career, travel agents are entitled to incredible benefits. The most obvious benefit is the ability to work anywhere in the world. There are so many places and cultures to explore, and travel agents can get there just by knowing the terrain. You can choose to work locally or live abroad and help others explore exotic destinations. One thing to remember is that to work abroad you will need to apply for a work visa or be sponsored by a company.

The disadvantages

All jobs have their ups and downs, and travel agents are no different. We’ve gone over what makes this career a dream come true for travelers, but now it’s time to go over the things you need to know. A potential downside to this job is that there will always be a handful of difficult clients. Some may not be as happy or satisfied with their itineraries or the trip itself. The job can also be demanding since you will be working longer hours in the spring and summer. There could also be a lull in business during the winter.

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