How a travel club can better connect brands to their users


As the number of travelers grows year on year, the number of members enrolled in travel-based rewards programs continues to grow with it: According to a survey, about 56% of travelers were part of one or more hotel loyalty programs, while 54% were part of at least one airline loyalty program.

What can brands learn from this data? This trip can be used as a way to build member loyalty with the right set of benefits, added value, and the perceived value of a personal connection to the brand.

In order to improve your brand’s loyal base and increase engagement, you need to grab the exciting offers that users experience the most benefit from or those that improve their connection to your brand. A la carte travel club platform can create travel and ancillary benefits around an audience that the brand thinks would benefit or use the most.

Ultimately, these travel brands are able to market a membership product that touches on their lifestyle issues or goals, while still having one place to find their travel deals, lifestyle benefits. and their loyalty game.

Here are three things that a brand can provide to users to strengthen the connection between the brand and the end user and, ultimately, loyalty.

1. Economical travel

The simplest and most basic benefit of having a travel club membership is to minimize travel costs.

With more than 52% with millennials saving for vacations, travel clubs help design the trip to fit their budget. Exclusive deals on airline tickets and hotels make it more affordable and manageable. Users can earn and redeem rewards for airline tickets, hotel stays, meals, purchases, and other travel necessities.

While this is a staple of the ultimate pitch, the right set of inventory is important in building a foundation from which you are marketing savings to your (potentially) loyal users.

2. Custom reward options

Many users are willing to stay loyal to brands that give them access to personal experiences and desires, such as travel.

A rewards program based on engagement, referrals, individual desires, bucket lists or travel trends allows you to connect with users and provide them with a more valuable user experience.

Connecting to provide opportunities to earn more rewards, track rewards live, and build a bank of points to use are huge selling points for users.

The brand benefits from having a hook for members who want to disconnect; the idea being “why would you want to leave the rewards savings on the table and waste them?” “

3. Travel assistance

Travel clubs provide much-needed assistance along the customer journey in the form of visa assistance, 24/7 customer support, health insurance, easy check-in and a friendly exchange of information while emphasizing practicality and luxury.

Showing your users that you care and giving them extra connection points to your brand only increases brand value and recognition.

It’s about the deeper connection that as a brand you enjoy as a way to woo your members, showing them that you are looking out for their best interests as well.

If your users are in a paid membership platform with your brand, or in a game where they have to stay specifically branded to receive the benefits, they will find that the savings far exceed the cost or time invested in it. your mark.

A road to new income

In order to lengthen the user’s lifespan, we believe that a brand must have a tight loyalty game that can reach members in a way that they feel they are being supported, connected with personalized features and can ask and receive help throughout the process knowing your brand has its back.

Travel membership programs have become a very important part of the revenue mix for these companies because it is a mutually beneficial relationship with the end user.

The savings and benefits of travel are a huge draw to the modern consumer, especially the younger generations hungry for experience but potentially strapped for cash to travel,

Mike putman

The savings and benefits of travel are a huge draw to the modern consumer, especially the younger generations hungry for experience but potentially strapped for cash to travel (for example, over 80% of millennials prefer the benefits of travel. to any other reward).

The objective then becomes to present these users with the opportunity, via a more personalized loyalty game, to fulfill their travel objectives by connecting them and their longevity as a user to your brand.

The attractiveness / exclusivity / uniqueness of the benefits of travel – tied to a brand they love – can be very appealing to clients and potential customers.

Engagement-based incentive rewards like membership renewals and referrals are a great way to not only encourage engagement and retention, but also reward in the form of travel credits and rewards. of the “reimbursement” type.


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