How a Travel Agent Can Take Your Summer Vacation to the Next Level


Planning and booking summer vacations can be stressful for travelers, but working with a travel agent can eliminate the headaches and help people create a trip that will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Travel counselors are the tourism industry’s greatest allies, helping to connect people with life-changing moments without having to get bogged down in the details to ensure everything is properly booked and coordinated.


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Here are several ways agents and advisors can take their summer vacation to the next level.

First-hand knowledge and insight

Expertise is one of the main reasons people preparing to plan a summer vacation should contact a travel agent. Advisors don’t just read and research destinations; they fly to them and explore them to better understand how to organize their customers’ trips.

“Travel counselors are real experts and have traveled the world,” Cruise Planners agent Nick Pena said. “Through our knowledge of destinations and relationships with our partners, a travel advisor can help navigate an increasingly complex and layered travel space. This will ensure that summer holidays will be taken to the next level and remain worry-free.

Anyone can hop on Google and search for the latest trends in Greek travel or the best destinations in the Mexican Caribbean, but it’s more reassuring to know that the person guiding your vacation planning has seen these places firsthand and knows exactly what to expect.

“Travel agents answer these questions because in many cases they have personally traveled to these destinations,”’s said Scott Lara. “Travel agents remain a valuable resource for consumers.”

In addition to knowing all the positive aspects of a potential vacation destination, advisors also see potential problems and learn how to avoid or even manage them if they arise, taking the stress out of the process.

Ease your thinking

As mentioned earlier, booking a trip can involve multiple destinations, hotels, flights, and tours, all of which must be paid for and arranged before you even leave home.

This is where travel advisors can ease the minds of their clients.

“Travel agents are the single point of contact for travelers. From planning to when travelers get home, travel agents are just a phone call away.” Exit trips’ said Mandee Migliaccio. “No need to waste your summer waiting for hours. Travel agents provide step-by-step planning and point-by-point details to ease travelers’ concerns and give them peace of mind. »

With expertise in problem solving and dealing with local customs and traditions, travelers will have peace of mind throughout their adventure knowing that someone has their back if trouble arises during the trip.

“As a travel consultant with over 30 years of expertise, I love traveling almost as much as I love arranging vacations and special travel memories for my clients,” BeSpokeTravelGroup’says Sharon Campbell Little. “I am able to offer my clients first-hand experience and knowledge of many destinations, hotels and resorts, tours, restaurants and the lay of the land. This is REAL expertise, not reading a website, book or brochure.

In addition to taking the stress out of booking and easing their minds by being a safety net should anything go wrong, travel counselors can help give customers exactly what they want from an adventure, all-inclusive resorts to expedition cruises to remote locations. .

Exactly what you want

Everyone is different and their trips should be unique to match their interests and desires, which agents are well equipped to handle. With each customizable, customer-tailored vacation, agents can take a regular vacation and make it the trip of a lifetime.

“Travel agents can help take your summer vacation to the next level by arranging a trip that includes experiences tailored to your specific wants and needs,” Northcutt Travel Agency said Jordan Bradshaw.

“Travel is more than getting from point A to point B and travel agents are the ones who can help fill all the gaps with unforgettable memories,” continued Bradshaw. “Not only will a travel agent help organize the perfect vacation for you, but they will also be there as a single point of contact while others wait to try and speak to a human in the event of an accident.”

Whether it’s a single person traveling the world to find love or a family exploring a Disney theme park to fulfill their children’s dreams, a counselor can help understand the needs of a customer and fulfill them through travel.

An agent can also help travelers avoid the same blockages that can hamper a typical trip. Whether it’s avoiding the lines at theme parks or arriving somewhere for a relatively unknown visit, advisors can provide invaluable information to a tourist booking a vacation.

“Have you ever been on vacation and wondered what all these people are waiting for? MEI-Travel Heather Grodin said. “When you’re working with a travel agent, you won’t have to worry about that – we already have frontline passes for you so you don’t waste valuable vacation time waiting in line.”

Summer vacation should be a wonderful adventure for you and the people you love. Instead of stressing over the smallest details that can add stress and drain the fun, working with a travel agent to provide peace of mind can turn a regular trip into a dream vacation.

When booking and planning a trip, always consider working with an advisor.

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