Georgina Rodriguez’s strict demands to travel agent for Cristiano Ronaldo’s vacation


Georgina Rodriguez has given a strict list of requests to a travel agent for her and Cristiano Ronaldo’s summer vacation.

The model is responsible for organizing life off the pitch for the Manchester United club legend, although it goes without saying that she has plenty of help.

The couple’s combined salary packages mean they can hire a whole team of staff to run their day-to-day business.

In her new Netflix documentary ‘I Am Georgina’, she’s filmed charting what every family loves to do – getting away for some sunshine.

It’s fair to say that his travels with Ronaldo are anything but normal.

Georgina Rodriguez had a strict list of demands for Cristiano Ronaldo’s vacation

The discussion with the travel agent focuses on their needs for the private villa they are heading to.

Georgina says they need”lots of bedrooms and a private pool, easy access to the dock for a small boat and land to walk around with the kids and not have to leave the villa to take them for a walk”.

We are not asking much, therefore.

And in all fairness, she adds that a gym isn’t essential because they’ll “bring the machines” if they need them.

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Georgina Rodriguez
Ronaldo’s model girlfriend loves traveling in his private jet

Ever since becoming Ronaldo’s girlfriend during his Real Madrid days, Georgina has followed him wherever he went.

Filming for his new show took place before his return to the Red Devils and while he was still with Juventus in Turin.

In another part of the documentary, Georgina is, surprise surprise, seen flying off in their private jet to Paris to visit the studio of legendary designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

Georgina Rodriguez kisses Cristiano Ronaldo on a boat
The couple needed a place to moor their boat while on vacation

She admits: “The jet facilitates movement. If I were to be in an airport for two hours with Cristiano, I would go crazy. I prefer not to travel.”

Although she considers herself a “lucky woman”, Georgina says they are “just like any other family”.

In the doc, she discusses her lavish lifestyle with Ronaldo at length, but her struggles, including her fractured relationship with Uncle Jesus Hernandez, are largely overlooked.


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