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Ghaziabad: A rickshaw full of passengers near the Kaushambi bus station, amid the ongoing COVID pandemic, in Ghaziabad. (Photo PTI / Vijay Verma) (

Ludhiana: Knowing your rickshaw driver is just one click away, as the Ludhiana police have developed a system to register all three-wheelers and give them a unique identification number (UID). A mobile app called SafeAutoPb has also been launched to help people get details, including the driver’s name, address and photo, on their cell phones.

In the recent past, the police have dismantled several car gangs that were stealing from people and creating nuisances in the city. In some cases of murder and rape as well, autorickshaws were used by the accused.

Police Commissioner Rakesh Agarwal said: “The city police have dismantled several car gangs involved in thefts, kidnappings and looting. Sometimes motorists’ accomplices pose as passengers and steal from people. It has also been observed that many defendants rent a car and then use it to commit a crime. Car owners do not even take proof of identity from these drivers.

“It was a highly anticipated project for the city. From now on, all automatic rickshaws will be registered by the police. Anyone wishing to register their auto-rickshaw can go to the nearest Saanjh Kendra with all the necessary documents. Saanjh Kendras will use SafeAutoPB software to capture details and generate a UID, four of which reflective stickers will be stuck on the inside and outside of the verified car. Whenever a new driver is added to the car, it will be the owner’s responsibility to update their details in the software by visiting the Saanjh Kendra. On a car, a maximum of three drivers can be registered, ”Agrawal said.

The police will charge Rs 150, for which a receipt will be issued by the Saanjh Kendra.

The CP said that once the auto-rickshaw database is created, it will prevent crimes as registered auto drivers are afraid of being identified. “People can download the app on their Android mobiles. As soon as a passenger enters the UID into the app, all details including driver and car photos and check-in details will appear on their mobile screens. This will provide a feeling of safety and security for passengers, especially women, ”he added.

Co-Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Deepak Pareek said: “It is mandatory for every car owner to register their vehicle with the UID, otherwise strict measures will be taken. They were given time until August 15th. Residents should prefer to travel in cars that have a UID pasted on them. In case of suspicion, a passenger can immediately call the police control room on the helpline number 112.

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