Atlanta Small Business Profile – Richard Gerber, Aladdin Travel Services


In this week’s episode of Atlanta’s Small Business Profile, our host Ted Jenkin sits down with Richard Gerber, co-owner and CFO of Aladdin Travel Services. While some may think of travel agencies as a thing of the past, Richard explains why they are more important than ever and how beneficial they are to their customers.

The internet has had a huge influence on the way we think about travel. But despite the fact that we can find what we need at the push of a button, Richard says that Aladdin Travel Services is providing people with a service that you can’t find online. They are able to have a personal face to face between clients and experts and reach their world class suppliers. Richard says the company has never sold and never will sell a place it hasn’t been to and doesn’t know anything about. Therefore, they are able to show their customers exactly where to go and where not to go because they have been to restaurants, they know the vendors and properties there and they are really able to offer customers an exciting and carefree adventure.

Richard also discusses their criteria when searching for travel counselors, boasting that they are looking for experienced candidates with college degrees that allow the candidate to think through and resolve issues. Additionally, they should have the skills to work with the global distribution system through which their business operates, as well as excellent interpersonal skills over the phone and in person. Richard says that as a travel consultant, a great attitude and a total commitment to customer service are some of their top qualities they look for when hiring staff.

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