4 Little-Known Benefits of Using a Travel Agent


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Booking plans through a travel agent could really be a smart move.

Key points

  • Using a travel agent means having less work to do yourself.
  • But there are other benefits that you might also enjoy.
  • Travel agents can provide a first-hand experience with certain destinations, and they can offer special offers that consumers wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

We all need a getaway from time to time. And if your vacation plans have different elements — a flight, accommodation, and activities, for example — you might be considering using a travel agency.

The obvious advantage of a travel agent? Don’t have to do all that work yourself. Your travel agent can find you flights on the days of your choice, book your hotel stays, and facilitate the trip planning process from start to finish.

But that’s not the only reason to work with a travel agent. Here are some other benefits you might enjoy.

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1. You could get a first-hand glimpse of what a given destination looks like

Travel agents often have access to free or deeply discounted travel, allowing them to stay at different resorts themselves. And so, if you use one, you could benefit from a first-hand account of what a given property looks like.

Let’s say you’re trying to book an all-inclusive Caribbean vacation for your family. You may be worried that a given resort is poorly maintained or that there aren’t many dining options for your kids, who are picky eaters. If you work with a travel agent who has recently spent several days at this resort, they will be able to tell you if your concerns are valid.

2. You could get advice on activities that match your interests

Since travel agents know a lot about the destinations they send customers to, using one could result in a more enjoyable travel experience. Imagine that you are an outdoor sports enthusiast. If you use a travel agent to book a trip, that agent will not only be able to recommend specific activities, but also book them for you so you don’t have to worry about using reputable companies or not.

3. You could save a lot of money

You might assume that using a travel agent will mean spending more money on your next vacation and ending up with a higher credit card balance in the process. But you may find that the opposite is true: your travel agent is able to save you money because they have access to deals and rates that regular consumers don’t.

Also, it is a big myth that travel agents charge for their services. Travel agents often earn commissions through their bookings, but these commissions are not charges for which you are responsible. A resort, for example, may give an agent a certain percentage back for each booking they arrange.

4. You will get help if you encounter any problem during your trip

Imagine you’re vacationing on an island and a storm hits, causing you to miss your flight home while you wait. If this is a trip you booked solo, you will need to call your airline and come up with a backup plan. But if you used a travel agent to book this itinerary, it will be up to them to phone the airline and make other arrangements for you to get home.

Obviously, there’s a lot to be gained from working with a travel agent. It pays to try one the next time you go out of town.

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